Tricks To Use Hair Clippers Safely

Formerly, hair clippers is just used by professional hairdresser however nowadays with the development of society many people do not have enough time to cut their hair at hair salon therefore hair clippers has become great choice to cut hair at the home. With hair clippers, you will not have to spend any money to solve your long hair therefore it is perfect device to save your money especially with people who regularly have to cut hair. In addition, although there are many brands of hair clippers on the market however basically price of hair clippers is not expensive therefore anyone can also buy it without needing to worry about budget.  If you want to choose hair clippers then the best hair clippers for men will be great choice for you. In this article, we will introduce some tricks to use hair clippers properly and safety.

Steps To Use Hair Clippers Safety

In order to ensure safety when using hair clippers, you should follow some steps below. Firstly, before using hair clippers you need to check status of hair clippers. You need to ensure that all parts of hair clippers are good and there is not any abnormal signs happening with hair clippers. Whether you had experience to use hair clippers or not then you should also read instruction of manufacturer before using it next, you need to choose suitable guide of hair clippers. Guide or comb is an attachment of hair clippers with feature to help users cut straight hair. Hair clippers will go with a set of guide with many sizes and each size is designed to be suitable with each type of hair. Size of guide can be from 1/16 to 1 inch. If you choose wrong guide then it can cause the certain difficulty for you in using process even sometimes it can make your head skin hurt.

If you want to use hair clippers to cut hair then you need to ensure that hair was dry. Do not ever cut hair by hair clippers when hair still has water because it will make blade of hair clippers rust faster as well as causing danger for user. Before cutting, you should try few times to acquaint with product before cutting hair. In order to start cutting hair, you need to hold hair clippers tightly putting blades down and starting to cut hair. If you are professional hairdresser then you can cut hair at fast speed however if you are amateur then do not ever use hair clippers at fast speed. You just need to cut at low speed especially if it is your first time. You should not pull strongly on hair or hit into head skin because it will be able to cause damage for head skin. Next, you need to remove guide and turn clippers over in your hand. Now, you need to cut a line at back of neck and around the ears. Finally, you just need to use hair clippers to trim hair at nape and two sides of head to finish. After using hair clippers to cut hair, you need to clean it to maintain lifespan and quality of product. You need to clean blade of hair clippers by using a soft brush to remove all hairs stuck into blade then you can use alcohol to clean blade finally you should add a layer of oil into surface of blade. You should just use oil which comes with hair clippers of manufacturer.

Notes When Using Hair Clippers

In order to gain the best result with hair clippers, you should combine with a hairdryer to blow short hairs after cutting hair by hair clippers. In addition, you can also use baby powder into neck to use hair clippers easier. Normally, after cutting hair by hair clippers, you should go to shower to remove all short hairs however if you can not go to shower then you can use slick fabric to remove short hairs. If your hair clippers operates based on battery then you should remove battery from hair clipper when do not use and keeping at dry place especially avoiding wet place or high humidity.