You are having a baby, and you are meeting difficult when take them go out or traveling. And many times, you feel tired. Don’t worry, let a stroller help you with that problem.

But also a problem with choosing a stroller. Many people annoy about a stroller which is easy to broke. And the don’t know the way to preserve it. Some people don’t have much money to change stroller rapidly. And best double stroller 2015 is considered product line of parent when having two children and have no helper with take them go out everyday.

Many young parents are not fully aware of the use of these stroller and the parents  should push children often wonder why we need to buy the stroller when the family is about to have another baby. Double stroller use for the family which have two children, maybe twins. And mothers will easy to take care them.

Stroller is very useful items, it provides convenience for both mother and baby. It was invented to help them save time and easy to move. And so, it is difficult if stroller is broken. We should know how to use it to durablity. However, by using science is not of the parents but the life of the stroller is reduced significantly.

The mother please note that even those simply but effectively below to increase reliability for the trolley of the mother offline.

The trolley line crib or stroller design are usually smooth and shaped like a cradle baby’s bedroom, parents can let their children play in the sun or go home as soon as the little ones at home and are can use this trolley ideal sleeping environment for your baby. Baby had a good sleep, punctuality but also check on her parents to be more convenient. If you choose the stroller as baby sleeping cots should choose large covered parking and spacious berth so she can move comfortably and can mother next to her a pillow to hug or beast baby sleep better. Airy fabric for baby’s back should not be hot, not too much silky sweat while sleeping or lying on the play, this wagon.

How to choose products

Besides selection of branded products such as trolleys Combi, Farlin, … to ensure product quality, the baby can be assured with the trolley line affordable and still very durable and comfortable as strollers Seebaby.

Should choose reputable stores to ensure quality genuine products and the best service warranty mother offline!

Select the type of vehicle matching the needs of little use, suitable for family space.


Use process

The assembly, collapsible stroller should be to follow the instructions of the manufacturer, the new parent effectively offline, during use should not arbitrarily integrate additional functions such as rails for toy cars, hanging using …

Do not use baby stroller for other purposes such as carrying heavy items, pet carrier … because weight is too large will cause the structure of the car is altered, plastic can crack or break. The fabrics may be cut.

No baby out when the weather is hot and while fierce rains. If a baby is traveling and bring strollers to use the mother should pay attention to the terrain move that choose the appropriate type of trolley, folding neat and to the trunk of cars.

During using time should be monitored carefully and look after your baby, do not let him lie / sit alone in the car and absolutely no other baby climbs vehicle because it may fall over, drop. Mother should avoid hyperactive children smashed car.

The preservation

When not in use, parents should urgently take-compact stroller and a neat place, avoid indiscriminate, kids naughty can damage the vehicle. No Garage sun, exposed to rain, the umbrella – oxidation takes place very fast.

An important note is that when the car is little spattering, the mother needs to clean parts like seat cushions, trays, roof … immediately and dried offline!

“Party in person” so during use, Mother should very gently and carefully. The vehicles for common infant until your childre grows, the time can be up to 5 years if the mother knows how to use and preserve.