The Most Useful Tips For Hair Cutting

Instead of going to the hair store and let the hairdresser cut your hair, you can totally do it at home with some basic skills. This will help you to save a lot of money and you also have a chance to freely create your favorite hair style. This activity seems to be much easier for men because their hair style is very simple. All they need may be just a flowbee haircutting system, which will help them to do this task in a short time with the highest result. However, the story is much different for women, because they always prefer the complicated and modern hair style, which can cost a lot of time and efforts. In this content, I would like to share with you some of the basic tips to cut your hair by yourself.

Choose Your Favorite Hair Style

Determining your face shape:

This step is very important and you should always put it into consideration if you want to have the suitable hair style which may help you to have the good-looking appearance. There are some notes for you when determining the shape of your face as follow:

  • If your face is oval. Congratulation!, with the oval face shape, you can make use of any styles of hair. This will help to enjoy the different hair styles, which give you a chance to make yourself new.
  • If your face is round: you can thin your hair bellow the cheekbones to make your face much longer and make the chin line narrower.
  • If your face has the heart shape: you can consider a style which make your forehead less full and your face fuller lower.
  • If your face is square: you can make use of the wavy styles to make your face look more perfect. You should avoid straight style or flat hair.
  • If your face is oblong: you can use a bang for example a side-swept style to make your forehead much shorter.
  • Reading the instruction carefully before choosing the final hair style

There are a lot of sources that you can make use of to get information and instruction about the way to cut the hair style you like. Many of them will give you the detailed directions with the specific steps so that you can easily follow. The suggestion is that you should choose the easiest and simplest instruction because it can minimize the failure.

  • You can make use of the online videos. You can check websites and Youtube which are dedicated to hair cutting see how they prepare and perform and then copy them. However, you should choose the experienced stylist to make sure that they can give you the precise steps.
  • You can also read the hair style magazines, which always offer you some pages for tutoring cutting hair with some photos that you can read the description bellow the pictures.
  • You can check some sites which belong to some hair product companies. They will give you the hair cutting instruction with some hair styles.
  • Familiarizing yourself with some terminologies

Of course, to have a best performance, you need to have a good knowledge about hair cutting. You should understand the specialized terms in this field so that you can follow the instruction of the stylist easily.

  • Angle means the way you put the scissors while cutting. You can hold them horizontally, vertically or even at 45 degrees.
  • Elevation means the direction of the hair when you hold it to cut.
  • Razoring is the technique that you use to make the wispy layers or thin the hair or remove volume.
  • Graduation means the style of hair cutting.

Performing The Cut

It is the important step that you to invest all your concentration and effort because with a wrong step you might have to deal with the failure.

It is better for you to separate your hair into small sections and then follow the instruction. Make sure that you can fully understand the guideline and prepare enough tools for your performance. I recommend that you should do the process slowly to set a limit on the unwanted failure.