Prepare for your baby when the first day go to kindergarten

First day in school you should encourage them to participate in group activities to familiarize add new friends and practice communication skills.

Psychological preparation for the baby to become familiar with the new environment. And in there have the best pack and play for children.

  • What is school? Why children have to go to school?

Explain to the child out of school, the activities and role of the teacher, a friend with simple words evoke feelings of familiarity, appealing stimulate curiosity, excited about school. (Go to school with happy, the teacher will love, care, teach children to read and count, sing … I will have many new friends, have lots of toys …)

  • Visiting schools

For premature babies become familiar with school, put the baby to visit the class in the different hours of the day so she can see the fun activities or give baby to sit play with the other children in the yard of  school.

  • Calendar of events

Refer to school routines and gradually set to introduce a history at home: playing, eating, sleeping … This helps overcome the feeling surprise when the sudden change of living habits everyday.

  • Independent style

You should set for children an independent style as: know how to call teachers or know how to go toilet, eat spoon impressive, self-dressing, self carry / take off your shoes …

  • The habit of team activities

Encourage your child to participate in group activities (infant birthday party, inviting friends to play with peers or putting your baby to the park to meet other kids). This collection features bold infant, collective communication skills .

  • Gathering necessary information

Help them- to understand play together.

Spend time talking to your teacher about the their habits to help them understand how to help your baby adapted to the new environment.

  • Take care of for baby

Ask the teacher about care regulations of the children when they are sick, schedule regular health checks, immunizations, vitamin A… If you have difficulty in preparing infant psychology in school when you can ask more teacher about the experience to help children intergrate in the first days of school.

  • Provide contact information in case of emergency

Give teachers the phone number, home address / agencies to ask parents and take teacher’s telephone number to facilitate communication and exchange between parents and the school.

  • Prepare items

Preparing for baby items such as backpacks, uniforms, clothing, coats, towels, bath towels, milk cartons, pillbox hats, masks, shoes … Attention you should Embroidere the name of your baby  up personal utensil to avoid losing.

  • First day at school

Give your baby a good impression on the first day of school in class.

Create a “procedure” before going to class help them create a new habit: get up early, oral hygiene, breakfast, prepare clothes, prepare backpackers …

Infant carrying a baby food that favorite items: dolls, teddy bears, blankets enthusiast, pillows lovers … help baby feel safe, supported inept (but should be limited in the first 1 week)

Take a little time to stay on the first day at school. Do not flee or sneak out of which just hug the baby, bye. It is not necessary to mention how long the baby will learn, what time pick, but just tell her that you will pick up your baby on time and children learn good fun. Do not act too “bin rin” or standing outside looking at the class. Sometimes your presence will make it difficult for the baby in integrating into their new environment.

  • Positive encouragement for baby

They respond “harshly” as “do yourself, screaming, crying … you should not “soft-hearted” way to the needs of the baby or scold, reprimand them. Instead you gently consoled help them calm fears, little reminders about new things, just like in school. You should also interested, chat, ask little about the activities going on in class, the fun of a friend, a teacher in order to stimulate pleasure in little schooling.

Going to school is a big change that every child has to go through the “miserable” in the initial period. But if parents “psychological” know motivate, encourage, help her overcome “barriers” mentality, then they will quickly adapt to the new environment.