Choose The Best Pillow For Pregnancy

In this article, we will help you choose a good pillow and then you will have sound sleep with this pillow.

In the market now have many kind of pillow. But select the Best Pregnancy Pillow and then mother will feel comfortable when sleeping.

U-shaped pillow is intimate items of the elected parent, help women overcome backache, insomnia pregnancy period is easy. Thanks to the U-shaped pillow pregnant women, mothers elected relaxation after a day of hard work, have good night’s sleep to stay healthy and to create conditions for well-developed fetus.

Size, Weight Of Pillow

U-shaped pillow pregnant 145cm x 75cm in size (length x width) is quite compact so do not take much space on the bed. 3,8kg pillow to 4kg weight so you can take it away anytime and anywhere you want when not in use is easy.

Pillow For Pregnant Women Have No Cheap Ham

The size pillow is designed in accordance with the body shape of all pregnant women and is a useful product for mothers during pregnancy. This pillow helps reduce the feeling cramps and back pain for pregnant women, mothers bring up and deeper sleep.

Design, Material

U-shaped pillow for pregnant women is designed long; U-shaped with curves fit her body to support the body elected the best. Pillow design consists of 3 layers: The outer layer of soft cotton, the second layer is a white casing and the innermost layer is the core cotton softness, bulging warranty does not collapse.

Cotton pillowcases soft, good sweat absorbent; create a sense of airy, pleasant to lie and washing pillowcases can replace easily. Cotton core is imported from South Korea has a long puff, negligent cotton flat, op after prolonged use and should be handled carefully not contain bacteria, mold, chemicals.

U-shaped pillow pregnant women have many colors to choose from such as dark pink, pink lotus, purple butterfly, purple, lavender, floral, polka dot, hello kitty pillow, pillow shaped gill capital, pillow shape Mickey …

The Price Of U-Shaped Pillow

Just spent a little, contract is that you buy a U-shaped pillow pregnant sleep and extremely convenient to use during pregnancy, after birth. There are U-shaped pillow, she elected not to suffer from back pain, aches, cramps when sleeping and more sleep. In particular, the U-shaped pillow is meaningful gift, can show interest, feelings of husbands for wives, wives make love deeply touched.

Backrest pillow used for mattresses, mattress sleep during pregnancy; backrest cushion to reduce back pain after childbirth, used while breastfeeding. In addition, the U-shaped pillow can also be used for mattresses for babies are playing, the mattress is for people with back pain or backrest cushion for husbands while sitting reading, watching TV very nice.


How soothing sleeping mattresses for pregnant women: pregnant women sleep U Pillow works to support her entire elected body during sleep, including the head, neck, back, abdomen and legs; thus helping blood circulation, relieve back pain, muscle aches, cramps.

Mother elect will have good night’s sleep and comfort to ensure health. Moreover, when the U-shaped pillow will help pregnant women lying down on your left side is the best position for your baby and create favorable conditions for the birth.

U-shaped pillow to help pregnant women to sleep comfortably and lying down on your left side is good for the fetus

Making postpartum sleep mattresses, mattress supports hands while breastfeeding: She can elect to use the U-shaped pillow to cushion backrest cushion when sitting or sleeping to reduce back pain after childbirth. For pregnant pillow U also very convenient when used as mattresses arm rest while breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, helping mothers less discomfort arm and shoulder.

Pregnancy Pillow Used After Childbirth

The other uses: U-shaped pillows are used in human or back pain while sleeping, infant pillows or mattresses are playing backrest for the husband while sitting reading, watching TV so well.

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The mother immediately visit your website to know more information about pillow for pregnancy and then you will catch more information.