Consider Insects When Planting Wheat

With the wheat planting time approaching, it should be time for you to think about insect management.  You’ve likely already ordered your seed, so choosing whether or not you will buy a seed treatment or whether or not you’ve purchased … Continue reading

Are You Spraying For the Right Pest? Green Cloverworm versus Loopers

We have had a lot of spraying for defoliating pests this year, especially green cloverworm and yellowstriped armyworm.  Few of these cases were economically justified, however, since our defoliation thresholds (click here) are designed to prevent yield loss.  As a … Continue reading

Yellowstriped Armyworms Present in Northeast North Carolina

Yellowstriped armyworm was first reported by my colleague Dr. Ames Herbert in Virginia this week (click here and scroll down the page).  Like Dr. Herbert, most of what I have heard about is soybean fields in which the insect is … Continue reading

Cotton Aphids and Spider Mites Generally Decline on Cotton, Aphid Control Failing in Other Areas

Article by Jack Bacheler With most areas of the state receiving significant rainfall this week, we hope our recent trend of building mite levels will be reversed. Also, where cotton aphid outbreaks are present, plant stress should also be down … Continue reading

What does the warm spring means for greenhouse tobacco pests?

I have been getting lots of questions about what our exceptionally warm spring weather means for tobacco pest management.  I’ll have another post next week addressing the impact of warm winter weather and spring rain on thrips and tomato spot … Continue reading