Cotton Insect Season Begins (well, almost)

Article by Jack Bacheler, NCSU Extension Entomologist Throughout the growing season we will try to keep producers, consultants and agents up to date on the “insect conditions” in North Carolina and how to manage situations before and as they arise. … Continue reading

2013 Cotton Pest Outlook

Article by Jack Bacheler, Extension Entomologist Although largely determined by weather patterns, our predictive capabilities for insect outbreaks, like weather, are poor more than a week or two in advance. However a few observations may be in order as we … Continue reading

Assessing Thrips End Game on Cotton and Recommendations

Article by Jack Bacheler: Rainfall and Thrips on Cotton With the plentiful to excessive rainfall throughout most of the state this past week, although bad news for weed management, this is good news for limiting thrips levels and their damage. … Continue reading

Thrips Densities Heating Up

Article by Jack Bacheler: Thrips really began “asserting themselves” this week. All of our May 1 and 2 planted seed treatments, with the exception of one seed treatment with a mega-rate of imidacloprid, were pretty banged up today at the … Continue reading

Thrips Damage to Cotton Variable

 Thrips Update on Cotton Depending on location, planting date and moisture level, thrips populations and their threat to cotton is probably all over the map this week. Approximately a week ago, Dr. George Kennedy’s tobacco thrips weather model suggested that … Continue reading

Thrips off to a big start on cotton?

Early start? With our exceptionally warm winter and good moisture levels, at this point it looks like thrips flights into cotton could be both large and early this year. Upper Southeast thrips haven:  As most cotton producers in our area … Continue reading