Kudzu Bug Nymphs are Here on Soybeans

First instar kudzu bug nymphs near their eggs on the bottom side of a soybean leaf.

We’ve been waiting for some eggs to hatch on soybeans where kudzu bug has laid eggs.  One reason you may be reluctant to treat, in addition to not knowing anything about kudzu bug’s impact on early season soybeans, is the inability to find nymphs.  Our treatment recommendation for second generation soybean is to wait until nymphs are present until making an insecticide application.  One question growers are asking is the impact that re-invasion might have on early season soybeans if a treatment is applied at this point in the season.  Although kudzu bugs may still be migrating, we do have evidence that some eggs that were laid in the field earlier this year have hatched into nymphs.  Based on the presence of nymphs, I am hoping the main migration of overwintering adults is done.  We’ll learn a lot from this year’s experience.

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